Monday, May 31, 2004

Almost there!

Well, I finally got my sections of my uni assignment done. Well, those that were possible, at least; I can't write the summary 'til I've read the rest of it, and I don't have everyone else's sections yet. When the person compiling the doc has done it all apart from my summary, she's going to send it to me and I'll do the summary then.

Talk about a weight off my shoulders! It's only temporary - I've still got the final presentation to worry about, and the summary section, and the exam - but it's damn nice to be able to spend some time with my fantastic wife for a little while :)

(In case you're thinking "I thought he was running a business, not studying", I'm actually finishing my Bachelor of Information Technology at Flinders Uni; I'm just doing one topic at a time until it's done - I discovered the hard way that if I try to work full-time and study anything more than one topic, I fail everything miserably. I should be finished my degree by the end of this year, all going to plan. Can't wait :) )


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