Saturday, May 15, 2004

Brain Dump #1

I'm currently sitting in my study at home, no-one else around, desperately trying to get motivated to do some work, and failing miserably. This blog is my latest act of procrastination (an occupation which I have elevated to an art form). So here's a brain dump, in no particular order:

  • I'm stuck at home this long weekend while my wife (the lovely and amazing Sarah, who I'm sure will get a lof of airplay on this blog) is off camping with people from my church. I'm trying to get some work done - working for yourself can be a bitch, and in my case, the boss is a bastard - and I'm struggling. weekends shouldn't be for work, dammit! And I miss having Sarah around a huge amount.
  • Helping me stay inside is the fact that it's cold and wet here in Adelaide at the moment, but I'm warm inside after building up a sensational fire. If I had a digital camera, I'd take a picture or two to share, but I don't, so I can't.
  • My friend Jason has just recently gone to live in England for the near future. He started at the place I used to work at a year or so ago and fast became the sanity check for me in that place; we both hated it immensely, and we would escape fairly regularly, for lunch and rambling conversation. I'm missing working with him, and I'm pretty shit at friendships where they move somewhere else; I just know we won't talk to each other heaps while he's living in england, and at the moment, that's making me a bit sad :(
  • I'm looking for a cheap set of speakers to use with my computer, primarily to listen to music. I've got some Semi-decent headphones, but I get a bit sick of having headphones on if I don't need to (i.e. if there's no-one else around). I'm either thinking I'll buy some cheap second-hand multimedia speakers, or some cheap-ish second-hand HiFi gear (an old amp and a couple of speakers). Leaning towards the old-amp-and-speakers idea. What I really want is The Loudspeaker Kit's M4 Mini Monitors and an amp to match, but $A200 is a bit more than I've got at the moment ;-)

Well, there's the first brain dump of this blog. What a ramble. Fun.


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