Monday, May 24, 2004


So if you're wondering what it is I do, I currently half-own and operate a business with another friend from my old work: Iugo Pty Ltd. (The website's pretty bare right now, as neither of us have got enough time to put anything proper up. Proper content is coming Real Soon Now, honest).

We do web development work for a couple of clients. At the moment it's absolutely flat out - we only started doing this full-time a couple of months ago, and already we've got more work than we can handle. We can't employ anyone yet, for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is we're both working from our respective homes at present so there's nowhere to put an employee ;-) So we're looking for contractors to cope with some of our workload. If you know of a contractor with proven PHP-based Database-driven web development skills, please leave a comment, we're looking to hand off some of our load to a sub-contractor ASAP :)

(In case you're wondering, we will be looking at sample code from prospective sub-contractors. We got burnt too many times at my old work hiring people who looked like they could do the job, said they could do the job, then produced rubbish code. It always takes so much longer to correct code like that then it does to just do it yourself. annoying.)

I bitch and moan about it being so busy at the moment, but really, it's way better having a bit too much work when working as a private contractor than having no work at all. I'll try not to bitch and moan too much ;-)


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