Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Goose gig

So last Saturday night, went to see Goose play, again at The Gov (you'd think that was the only live music venue in Adelaide, wouldn't you? You'd almost be right).For those unfamiliar with the work of Goose, they're a local 15-piece funk/soul band - 7-piece brass section, big rhythm section (couple of guitar players, couple of keyboard players, drums, bass, percussion), led by the very nice Dave Palmer. They rule.

It was an absolutely sensational gig - they played a solid 90-100 minute set I reckon, with a 15 minute encore. All of my favourite tracks from the album got a run, along with some great new songs, and as always the band were totally kicking ass - Damien Steele-Scott is one of my favourite bass players I reckon. I'd love to have a tenth of his ability!

I was going to list all the tracks on my mobile and then blog a whole set list, but the batteries on the phone ran out and i was too busy having a great time :)

My mum & dad even came, and they both loved it as well. See, Goose, bringing families together. awwwww.

So if you're in Australia and you're reading this, keep an eye out for when Goose are playing near you (Gig Guide here), and check them out. They totally rock.


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