Friday, June 04, 2004


Hmm. Got paid for the last fortnight on Wednesday, and really felt the impact of spending so much time on uni. Steve and I have determined that we're going to draw salary based on the billable hours we do - in stark contrast to our previous jobs, where nothing we did has seemingly any impact on anything - because it's likely that Steve will have a fair amount more time to put into Iugo than I will, being single1 and living alone and all. I've been heaps busy, it's just that spending all that time on uni and not work has hit home.

On the positive side, talk about motivation to get things done! I've had two very productive days yesterday and today (apart from going into town for lunch with Steve and Glen). I like being productive, I just wish I could be like that all the time :)

[1] At least, as far as I know...want to correct me, Steve?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Motivation.. My Motivation rates up there with procrastination.. It is however calculated inversely to the level of current procrastination. If I am fully motivated then I will not procrastinate, otherwise I'll just do it tomorrow..

Incidently, the top ten reasons why we procrastinate are:

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