Friday, June 18, 2004

Mozilla 1.7 Released

In the third release from in a very short time, Mozilla (the suite) 1.7 has been released! New stuff includes:

  • Talkback (crash reports) for all platforms
  • option to prevent one of my pet hates - sites that use JavaScript to block the browser's context menu (hate hate hate)
  • New file icons for windows (nice)
  • Basic FTP upload support
  • New "show passwords" mode in Password Manager (displays your saved passwords - what a lifesaver)
  • IMAP IDLE support and Palm Sync improvements
  • Support for relative paths for mail folders in prefs.js. Yay. (Makes it easier to copy profiles around without needing manuallu hack around with prefs.js)
  • support for the onbeforeunload event (i.e. an event that fires when you close your browser window). I can see this being very handy in web app development, as you can now alert users about potential data-loss when closing a window or leaving an HTML page.
  • Various performance and memory improvements, as always
  • Read about all the new stuffand more in the release notes

I haven't used this release at all, because I'm using Firefox and Thunderbird, but I might install it just to see how the suite is coming along. I used to use the suite exclusively until Firefox 0.7ish (then called firebird) and thunderbird 0.4ish. It was my first mozilla love ;)

1.7 is slated to become the new stable branch (meaning it will stay feature- and API-frozen for the forseeable future, with major bug & security fixes backported from the main mozilla trunk. This is good; the previous stable branch was 1.4 (and 1.0 before that), which was getting a little long in the tooth and was missing out on some of the great new things the trunk had picked up. Nice to see the mozilla suite project moving along still, even though all the focus nowadays seems to be on the standalone apps (Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird/Nvu).

This is my last mozilla-whoring post for a while, I promise ;)


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