Thursday, June 24, 2004

O Hotmail, where art thou?

(Via Chris' Corner)

So apparently, Hotmail are going to up their storage to 250mb. It seems everyone is jumping on the lots-of-storage-for-free-email bandwagon now.

  • Rediff (an Indian portal) recently Upped their offering to 1Gb
  • Hotmail are about to up theirs to 250mb (2Gb if you've got a paid account - up from 10mb for a paid account, which raises the question of why would you bother to pay for 10mb of email space)
  • Yahoo mail have upped theirs to 100mb (not sure what it used to be)

It had to happen I guess - businesses have to at least try and protect themselves from entry of new competitors, even if it's in a domain that makes them no money (at least directly). Or do they? is it just a reflex action to protect your turf, even when you're not making any money from it? Oh, wait, they are making mondy off the advertising. It's always about the marketing.

One of the interesting things I read in that cnet article:

Separately, Microsoft said it will offer free antivirus software to scan e-mails before they appear in a user's in-box.
That should get AV providers' knickers in a twist.


Anonymous Anonymous said... has invited you to her 21st/ DDP Reunion BEN & SERA BEN...
I couldn't find any other way to contact you anymore, so here is a copy of the invite that she wanted you to have. A bit public, I know - maybe you can delete this after the party RSVP.

>Hi Everyone. I don’t know how many of you were able to get together a
>couple of weeks ago when Simon came over, but I have been thinking for a
>while that it’s about time we all caught up again, and have a reunion.
>So I’ve organised on…it just happens to co-inside with one other thing.
>My 21st. I did have a nice looking invitation to attach to this email.
>But I seem to sit around and eat up the little net time I have left
>without anything being achieved. sorry. Here are the details that were
>attached to your invite.
>You have been invited to help Leanne Rogerson celebrate her 21st Birthday
>There is to be a party at
>Victor Harbor Church of Christ Hall
>on Saturday August 14 2004
>at a time of 8 pm
>Please come dressed semi-formal.
>A bottle of non alcoholic drink or plate of food, would help with the
>catering, and much appreciated.
>Hope you can make it.
RSVP 11th August 0438 849 087
>To those who have partners, husbands/wives etc. Please feel free to bring them along. The more the merrier. Just let me know who is coming so we can cater for them. Thanks.
Hope you are free and haven't made any plans for that night yet.
>Bigsmile (via Dave Powell :))

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