Monday, July 05, 2004

Brain Dump #2

How slack am I! I haven't posted for ages. When Jason tells me off, it's definitely time to extract the digit, as the saying goes. So, time for another brain dump, methinks!

  • While the cat's away, the mouse will play (xbox). Sarah's away with a bunch of friends in the Gold Coast until next Monday night; She left Sunday morning, and I miss her already. Why is so much of my happiness dependant on this one person? Anyway, The only difference for me so far, the aforementioned "mouse", has been that I'm somewhat lonelier, and thet I'm playing more xbox games.
  • Creamy xbox goodness. Speaking of xbox, I've just bought a couple of new games - GTA III and Max Payne. Haven't played much of Max Payne, but I've played through the demo on the PC and I liked it. Have played maybe an hour of GTA III, and am really enjoying it so far (I got into GTA 1 & 2 on PC, they were great. The amount of freedom to just do whatever you wanted was fantastic). Also, I've borrowed a heap of games from a friend; playing Splinter Cell - Pandorra Tomorrow a fair bit. It's fun even though I'm crap at it.
  • Farewell Firefly, we hardly knew ye. After reading post after post on other blogs etc, I finally got around to downloading and watching the whole season of Firefly, Joss Whedon's sci-fi TV series (and soon to be movie). Wow! it was really good, and I now join the ranks of people disappointed at the dubmness of Fox for cancelling the series. So yeah, give it a watch if you're a sci-fi fan; It's a bit weird at first, with its mixture of westerns and sci-fi, but it's got great characters and good stories.
  • On the road again. Steve and I are possibly looking at getting cars via our company, as a way of minimising tax; to this end, while Sarah was in her final exam on Saturday afternoon, we went down to United Motors and test drove a Liberty GT Premium (yummy) and a Impreza WRX. Both were awesome, but in different ways - the liberty was very refined, with the leather seats etc, and very quick (the sports mode auto was lots of fun), while the WRX was just pure quickness moulded into a car-shape. The WRX had a fairly terrible interior, which was a little surprising. It was just so much fun to drive though - when that turbo kicks in at 3000 rpm and you jump forward, it's just magic :) But, given the choice between the two, I'd probably get the Liberty; it was just a nicer all-round car to drive, and a lot more managable.
  • The quest for decent reception. So Dad and I have embarked on a quest to improve the crappy TV reception we get at our end of the house. Dad moved the formerly-unused second aerial to above our rooms, and we bought 30m of coax cable and some miscellaneous bits (splitter, terminators), and set about wiring up the antenna for some fuzz-free viewing. Well, of course nothing went to plan; first, we couldn't get the drill through the frame of my window - wasn't long enough - then when we finally did get all the cable up and installed, it made absolutely no difference (may actually have been worse). Bugger. So back to the drawing board; Dad wants to raise the aerial up a meter or so and/or get a new aerial, which would probably help. Then, after talking to a Grant at church (who does this kind of stuff for a living), I discovered that I'd totally stuffed up all the coax joins. I'd ignored the shielding and just stripped the cable back to the core wire for each join, which according to Grant stuffs up the...virtual ground plane, or something. I didn't really understand his technical explanation, but I did understand that I'd screwed up all the joins. So now, lucky me, I get to re-do all 9 joins in the cable. Yay.

Well, there it is, a bit of a long one. Hope that makes up for a little bit of my slackness over the, almost a fortnight. Didn't think it'd been that long ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, if you get a WRX, I shall fly back to Adelaide and kick your arse ! It's not like Steve needs a new car FFS ! If anything I think you should get matching 1986 rePulsars with broken window winders.

And by the way, I've been playing XBox a bit too, although I don't normally have a cat supervising me at the best of times. Damn, that Prince of Persia: Sands of Time thing is a great way to kill a few days !

Kind regards, etc.

Commander Quntley Fortesque

2:39 am  
Blogger Saemon said...

Hey Ben,
I like my WRX's in Midnight Blue with 18inch Wheels. Just in case you were looking at really minimising your tax by donating a car to a mission project, such as myself who is trying to get his 87 Celica in a road worthy kind of condition so he can drive over to SA and visit!!!. Cheers.

11:57 am  

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