Monday, July 12, 2004

Mozilla: Features of the future

Robert Accettura has a great post up about ideas for the future of mozilla products. He mentions some excellent ideas for new features in mozilla/thunderbird/firefox, but the two that really resonated with me were:

  • Patch updates: Make updating releases simpler (please!). This is a particular thing of mine, updating firefox and thunderbird releases is a pain. Firefox has a great new import feature in the installer that migrates pretty much everything across from other browsers; what it needs now is an installer that intelligently updates the parts of the program that have changed from the last release, or at worst, automatically deletes the old installed files from the firefox folder and installs the new version to the same location.
  • Calendar Integration: Self explanatory (Rob's comment was "This will be big. Really big", and I agree. Big). This is, in my opinion, the major barrier to thunderbird being a true Outlook replacement. The mozilla calendar is reasonably good for a pre-release; there's some niggling bugs still, and it'd be nice to see some polish work done on it, but it's certainly usable in its current state. I'd also like to see calendar given a higher priority on the Mozilla radar, get more people working on it.

I'd also like to see more integration between Firefox & Thunderbird if they are both installed and both are the default clients for their respective areas. Integration such as "open in new tab" in thunderbird (as Rob mentions), things like that. I'm not exactly sure what I want to see, but mozilla-the-suite feels like one product; I guess I'd like to see Firefox+Thunderbird "feel" a bit more like that, or something. Wow, could I get any more vague? ;-)


Blogger nickster said...

I have to agree with you on this one. I was just telling myself today that all I need to find are a calendar and a good word processor (preferably open-source) and I'll be able to get rid of MS Office. I didn't know about Mozilla Calendar. I'll be sure to check it out.

The only other edge that Microsoft products would have over them, is the integration with one another (i.e. "Mail Merge" for labels or letters in Word) but that could just as easily be done with XML.

3:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick - Open Office is your friend. Great word processor / spreadsheet and presentation (ie powerpoint) apps. I've done away with Office altogether.

10:59 pm  

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