Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It's life, Gym, but not as we know it

Sarah and I just went and joined a gym - we've never done anything like this before, it's a little scary. All these cool, like, Gym people everywhere. You know, the sort that don't get intimidated by machines that look vaguely reminiscent of torture devices.

So anyway, we went in to talk to an instructor today and worked out a weights program. She walked us through all the machines (so we don't look like total noobs, only partly) and gave us some advice on what else we could do; she was really helpful and not very intimidating. Only a little bit.

It's like a whole other culture in gyms, it really is. And it's always the people who look like they need it least that you see running on treadmills for hours at a time. Which brings me to another thing, why spend heaps of money to run in one spot in a gym when you could go running outside in the fresh air for nothing? I can see the point of weights machines etc in a gym (you're hardly going to go spend thousands on individual machines for your own house unless you're a crazyeccentric rich person), but treadmills, well, go outside and walk! Still, I guess I'm one of those weird people now. Does this mean I should start saying things like "carbos" and "reps"?

Gym people scare me ;-)


My weekend - Gooooooooose

Wow, what a weekend.

Friday night I went to a mate's place with my Xbox and Halo & Project Gotham Racing 2 in tow for a night of Xbox lanning goodness; we got 4 boxes there plus a Super Nintendo, and much excellent gaming was had - highlight was probably the 7-person PGR2 race we had, with different people handicapped based on car selection. Awesome. Oh yeah, and sniping Tim in Halo to beat him 15-14 in the last minute. We ended up going home around 1:30.

Went around to a mate's place for a BBQ lunch on Saturday (yum), then watched my team win the Grand Final; even sweeter because I was in a room of people going for the opposite side. Yay.

Saturday night I went to a Goose gig, again at The Gov - what a wicked gig! They played lots of new stuff (they tell us that the new album is right around the corner, Real Soon NowTM, Honest). Sad to hear that Damien Steele-Scott (the bass player) is leaving for a while to go tour with another band; who would have thought that a player as talented would be in demand, eh? They seemed to give him lots of solo time this gig as a (temporary) farewell, which suited me just fine :) We were standing pretty close, and the sound sucked from where we were - being right in front of the sub will do that - but it was just great watching excellent musicians do their thing from very close range.

Then on Sunday, had a very relaxing morning and discovered in the arvo that I wasn't in fact playing bass at church that night, which meant another couple of hours of doing whatever I wanted. Nice. Church was good and hanging out with the group afterwards was fun too.

Overall, a bloody fantastic relaxing weekend. Nice way to unwind after a working week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Uncle the third!

My next-oldest brother and his long-term partner just told us last night that they're expecting a baby! Fantastic, I'm heaps excited :) So I'm going to be an uncle x3.

No word as to sex or anything (if they know, which I'm guessing they don't). It's due around Feb 21st 2005.


Monday, September 20, 2004

Christian-Muslim dialogue

Sarah and I went to a Christian-Muslim dialogue meeting on Saturday morning (in fact, we were two of the four guest speakers). It was great! I'm one of those weirdo pinko commy liberal christians who doesn't believe that everyone following a different religion is Da Debil, and I've always been curious about Islam, having heard that a lot of its basic teaching is very similar to Christianity. I discovered that a lot of the history of Islam is the same as the history of Christianity, and the core of Islam is like the core of christianity, all about peace and respect.

I had a lot of fun talking with some Muslim people, asking some basic questions, and Sarah discovered that one of the other people who spoke there studies at the same campus as she does, so they're going to get together for coffee etc. I picked up some literature on Islam, and it was great to meet some young Muslims (well, as much as I count as being "young" any more).

One very cool thing I learnt: Sumeja said there's a passage in the Qu'ran1 that says something along the lines of "Before you judge your brother, make 72 excuses for what he has done". Remind you of "'How many times should I forgive?...' 'As many as seventy times seven.'"?

  1. Apparently that's the accepted way of writing it, judging by the Islam literature that was there; "Koran" is so 1999, evidently.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Faithless are coming!

Wee! Got my tickets to see Faithless play at the thebby theatre1 yesterday. Bring on Oct 15th, only 28 sleeps to go :)

  1. For you non-Adelaideans, that's "the THEBarton Theatre", not "The Barton Theatre". Nothing says "I'm not from Adelaide" quicker than saying the second version.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Jurassic 5 roadtrip

A few weeks ago (6, actually), me and a couple of mates (Steve & Glen) headed off at an ungodly hour of the morning over to Melbourne to see the totally awesome Jurassic 5 play at the Prince of Wales hotel.

We drove over on a Thursday (29/07/2004), arrived at Steve's sister's place (where we were staying) around 3:30pm or so, and headed off to the gig on Thursday night. The gig itself was absolutely sensational - I'd go so far as to say it was one of my favourite live shows of all time. The 4 MCs were amazing, and the 2 DJs were heaps talented - they did a DJ-only break in the middle of the set that featured Cut Chemist laying down the beats and scratches and Nu-Mark playing a variety of different instruments - turntables, live drums and a little sample-triggering thing - and the result was great fun to watch and very funky. The whole set was very tight, they'd move from song to song really quickly (often blending 3 or 4 together with no breaks), and the 4 MCs really got the crowd jumping (literally). Excellent gig all round.

Friday was spent doing a little bit of work (met with one of our clients in Melbourne who I hadn't had a chance to meet face to face with yet) and just hanging around the place. I caught up with Saemon and Casey for tea on Friday night (it was just great to see those guys again), then on Saturday during the day we went to IKEA (fun, but I got sick of it pretty quickly). Saturday night we went to watch Port Adelaide play Essendon at the Telstra Dome (Port lost after a very shonky 2nd quarter :( ). Sunday morning we left relatively early again and got home after some very directions through the backroads of the Adelaide hills from Glen.

All round, a very relaxing and fun extended-weekend road trip. I missed Sarah, but that was the only down point really. Steve's sister and brother-in-law's house was awesome! The public transport in Melbourne rocks compared to Adelaide. Wow, I can't believe this was a month and a half ago, it feels like yesterday.

The details of my life are quite inconsequential

...Or so it would seem from the stuff I post about in here. It seems I always post inconsequential crap, and any of the important/significant things that happen get totally overlooked, like the Melbourne J5 roadtrip, the recent blitz of migration work, things like that.

I guess in a way that's kinda the point of a blog, but mine's getting ridiculous.

So here's my resolution: I'm going to blog the more significant things as well as the funny stuff. Also, I really should post more (We'll see how that one goes).