Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My weekend - Gooooooooose

Wow, what a weekend.

Friday night I went to a mate's place with my Xbox and Halo & Project Gotham Racing 2 in tow for a night of Xbox lanning goodness; we got 4 boxes there plus a Super Nintendo, and much excellent gaming was had - highlight was probably the 7-person PGR2 race we had, with different people handicapped based on car selection. Awesome. Oh yeah, and sniping Tim in Halo to beat him 15-14 in the last minute. We ended up going home around 1:30.

Went around to a mate's place for a BBQ lunch on Saturday (yum), then watched my team win the Grand Final; even sweeter because I was in a room of people going for the opposite side. Yay.

Saturday night I went to a Goose gig, again at The Gov - what a wicked gig! They played lots of new stuff (they tell us that the new album is right around the corner, Real Soon NowTM, Honest). Sad to hear that Damien Steele-Scott (the bass player) is leaving for a while to go tour with another band; who would have thought that a player as talented would be in demand, eh? They seemed to give him lots of solo time this gig as a (temporary) farewell, which suited me just fine :) We were standing pretty close, and the sound sucked from where we were - being right in front of the sub will do that - but it was just great watching excellent musicians do their thing from very close range.

Then on Sunday, had a very relaxing morning and discovered in the arvo that I wasn't in fact playing bass at church that night, which meant another couple of hours of doing whatever I wanted. Nice. Church was good and hanging out with the group afterwards was fun too.

Overall, a bloody fantastic relaxing weekend. Nice way to unwind after a working week.


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