Friday, November 05, 2004

Birthdays, and the forgetting thereof

If there's one thing gauranteed to make you feel guilty, it's when someone remembers your birthday and then you realise that you either:

  1. Totally forgot theirs; or
  2. Have absolutely no idea when theirs actually is.
So of course, you know exactly how I felt when I got an email from Jason saying such lovely things as
"Despite missing your birthday by a narrow margin, I've deced to issue a retrospective gift"
"I know for a fact that you'll drown in your own spunk as soon as you receive it"
and even
"it's coming from The Netherlands (ISN'T DAT VEIRD!!?!)."

So thanks, Jason, for making me all guilty and embarrassed ;)

No, I'm kidding. The anticipation is killing me now though! What could it be that I've always wanted that could come from The Netherlands1?! I mean, that's like, in Europe apparently! I just hope it gets here without the AFP tearing me a new one.

  1. Not to be confused with the Nether Regions, obviously. Totally different.


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