Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kevin Rudd: "Family First does not own God"

You tell em, Kevin!

"But we will not for one moment stand idly by while either the Liberals, the Nationals or that Family First assert that God has somehow become a wholly-owned subsidiary of political conservatism in this country"

Amen. Personally, I don't think the libs/nats have any grasp of the morality I see in Jesus' life (but that's a whole other debate).

Who'da thunk I'd be agreeing with a politician eh! I'm feeling all faint. Better go sit down.

In related "Christian Morality" news, Who Made Steve, from Slacktivist, is great. "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" indeed. (Via signposts.)


Blogger Saemon said...

Maybe Steve was the name of the serpent?

That blog was a great laugh, but you know - the I read about that and about some of current Genesis theories, I am beginning to think that Star Trek wasn't too far off track with alot of this "black holes", and 'worm holes" stuff - because if God didn't create the serpent (no mention), didn't creat evil (made did that - who can't actually create!?!), and didn't creat Steve (but Where's Wally?) then I think they all came from another dimension through a worm hole.

It's Life Jim, but not as we know it.

Live Long and Prosper (that is Hillsong's new motto!)

What's a motto?

2:17 pm  

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