Thursday, November 18, 2004

Telemarketers are Da Debil!

I just got a call from some telemarketer. The call went something like this:

Me: (picks up phone) Hello, This is Ben. (Phone: static, silence, static, for about 5 seconds.)

Telemarketer: (American accent, very hard to hear over the static) Ah hello, is Mr Williams there?

Me: (suspicious already) This is Mr Williams.

Telemarketer: (pause; it sounds like the delay you get on long-distance calls) Hello Mr Williams, I'm (unintelligible name) from (unintelligible company name)...(starts sales spiel about switching long-distance carriers)

Me: (waits for pause for breath) Look, I don't have time for this now and I'm really not interested. Can I ask you not to call me again? Can you take me off your list?

Telemarketer: (again the long-distance pause) Whatever, Sir. (Hangs up)

She just hung up on me! Cow! I couldn't believe it. If I had been able to hear the name of the company she was from, I'd so love to call them back and tell them about it. That's just disgusting.

Ironic really when you think about it, someone calling wanting me to switch to their long-distance service, and the line quality is so bad that I can barely hear them. Good one.

I hate telemarketers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben - you suck - where are you?? Come on uni should have finished for the year!! :) Rose

1:29 pm  

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