Thursday, November 04, 2004

What a cult the president is

America, What the hell is wrong with you!

As I suspected, the person I wanted to win - anyone who isn't Dubya - lost, and the world's most dangerous illiterate fool got re-elected. I'm sure as individuals there's lots of rational people in the US, but as a group, they are consistently the stupidest nation in the world. It's bad that they're also the most powerful in militaristic terms. Also, to american christians, Dubya does not display any kind of christian ethics that I can see. But that's a whole other thread.

It mirrors the recent election result here in Australia; right wing tool gets re-elected via a fear and smear campaign. At least in the USA there's a two-term limit for presidents. We've been stuck with Little Johnny for 3 terms now.

How depressing (not that I'm bitter or anything ;) ). I'd say "at least I don't live there" - and that's still partially relevant - but events in the US tend to have a strong effect here in oz (and worldwide - ask the Iraqis), so it seems everyone is lumped with whoever the americans elect. Bah, humbug.


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ben, thanks a bunch for the info. i am going to fool around a bt with the html for the links. there is a site called html goodies that i may try. as far as the email is concerned, i am not completely hooked on hotmial although i have had the same address for about ten years know. i guess i could change it if it meant that i could still use firefox. what about the thunderbird email that is associated with firefox? what about that? otherwise i would love an invite for 1G of email space. thanks a bunch. i noticed you are from OZ. does the name George Greagan mean anything to you? are you a footie man? or ausie rules. i actually play and coach rugby/union here in Reno NV. bet you didn't think americans palyed that much rugby..cheers!

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