Friday, January 14, 2005

Gay bomb, Gay bomb, You're my Gay Bomb

Now this is hilarious: According to This story at the Sydney Morning Herald, the US Military were researching creating a chemical weapon that would "make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other" - i.e. a gay bomb :) Gold.

Make love not war indeed!

(Apologies to Tom Jones for the title.)

Update: Apparently it was only an idea and it was Dismissed out of hand. Suuuuuure, Mr US Military Spokesman Man, we believe you. You just want to keep all the gay soldiers to yourself!

Google Juice Redux

My quest for domination of Google continues unabated. As well as being the number one result for "Evil hax0rs", I'm now also the number one result for "da debil".

Fear my Google Juice.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More search term hilarity

Yet another search gem that has brought someone to my blog: joey tempest physics.

In the immortal words of Rove: What The?

Joey Tempest, Physics. Hair metal, Fundamental Science. Not a link I would have made.

In other news: according to my stats, yesterday I passed the 500 visit mark on my blog. It's taken me since May last year to achieve that magnificent milestone ;-) How silly.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Windows reinstall irony

I've had lots of fun the last couple of nights!

The hard drive in Sarah's computer was making noises like it was about to die1, so I had to go out and buy a new hard drive to replace it. I managed to get all the important stuff off the dying drive before it carked itself (despite a moment of panic where it froze and then wouldn't even detect the drive on a reboot - before I'd even managed to copy the most important stuff off, i.e. Sarah's uni files). Have I mentioned that I hate computers?

So I've spent the last couple of nights setting up the drive and re-installing everything. Lucky me. There's soooo much to do to get it all running (Office XP is up to 3 service packs now!), so it's taken ages.

"Where's the irony you so tantalisingly referred to in the title of this post?" I hear you all asking.

Well, I tend to partition hard drives into 4 partitions - one for windows (NTFS2), one for Linux (usually ext33), one for Linux Swap, and one for all the miscellaneous data (which I format as FAT32, because that's the most portable filesystem between Linux and Windows). FAT32 is a Microsoft-developed filesystem - it's what windows 9x used to use, and windows 200 & XP can still use it now.

So I figured, it being a Microsoft thing, it's a reasonable assumption that you'd be able to format a partition as FAT32 from windows. But try as I might, the only option I could find for formatting the partition in windows was NTFS - which I definitely didn't want. In the end, the only way I could find to format the drive as FAT32 was to use Linux4!

How ironic - a Microsoft OS won't format a partition with a Microsoft filesystem, but the main competitor that they've been fighting against will, with zero effort. Nice.

  1. Also, the SMART parameters for the drive (as reported by smartctl) all had values with labels like "Pre-Fail" and "Old_Age". Good sign.
  2. NTFS is a windows filesystem. It's most user-visible benefit is that it recovers gracefully from unexpected shutdowns; i.e. no more scandisk runs at bootup, like good old win98.
  3. ext3 is a Linux file system used by many distros like Fedora Core. It's good.
  4. Knoppix - so handy. Saved me from several nasty computer moments.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Music Review

Went to see De La Soul a couple of weeks ago. Great gig overall; my rating: 7/10. Bad bits out of the way first: Support acts weren't great. Sound was ridiculously bad (loud, ultra reverby, very hard to distinguish actual music and lyrics from the noise). Venue was really bad - basically just a shed behind light square (G7) that had the audacity to call itself "Queens Theatre", apparently. If I was the Queen, I'd be embarassed. Good bits: the De Las rocked as I thought they would (although Mase was MIA - it was Trugoy, Posdnuos and a DJ). Er, other good bits...not sure. I guess The Rocking was the only good bit :) Given the negatives, they did indeed rock very hard to make this gig a good one overall.

New Music: I bought The Best Of De La Soul and Homework, Discovery and Daft Club by Daft Punk. De La Soul's Best Of is pretty damn good - they have so many cool tracks, it's great to have them all on one album. I'm really getting into Daft Punk - I totally loved Around The World and Da Funk when they were played on the radio (and the clip for Around The World was just magic), so it's great to have the first couple of albums. They're pretty damn cool.

Big Star Records rocks.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Search terms

I've got a little stats monitoring thing on this blog (a free counter from, in case you're interested, which I'm sure you're not). So anyway, one of the things the reports page shows me is the referring URLs to this site - i.e. the links people clicked on to get here. These are often results from search engines, so I can see what terms people search for; normally it's things like "deskjet 3650 linux" or "fedora usb printer" (thanks to my post about printing via cups). But, in the last week, I've had a couple of really weird ones -

Now really. Reindeer Breaders?? (By which I assume they meant "breeders".) First of all, that's just an odd thing to be searching for, and second, how the hell did I get to be in those search results! (It of course linked to my post about welding reindeer.)

As for the second one...all I can say is that it's a really unfortunate combination of words on This archive page. Not my fault, honest!

Ahh, the Internet. Where stupidity is always the rule.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Christmas review

Ahh, Christmas. I had lots of fun this year. We (Sarah and I) spent christmas eve down at her Nana's place in Goolwa (Sarah's Uncle and Aunty are down from London at the moment, which is great fun). Christmas morning we went to a service at Goolwa Church Of Christ (didn't really enjoy it, it must be said; it felt like it had been slapped together at the last moment and no-one could really be bothered). Christmas lunch was with Sarah's extended family, and I got roped into the Santa role, shuttling back and forth between the christmas tree and the recipients (bugger).

Then it was home to my mum & dad's place for tea with my family - 4 brothers, 3 partners, and some glowsticks. Great fun.

So all round, a very nice christmas.

Favourite moment of the day: Escaping with Sarah and sitting on the end of a jetty dangling my feet in the river :)

Favourite present: Lord Of The Rings, Return Of The King, Special Extended Edition (that completes my collection of the three extended edition DVDs of the LOTR movies, yay). Honourable mention: a Bonsai tree from Mum.