Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Music Review

Went to see De La Soul a couple of weeks ago. Great gig overall; my rating: 7/10. Bad bits out of the way first: Support acts weren't great. Sound was ridiculously bad (loud, ultra reverby, very hard to distinguish actual music and lyrics from the noise). Venue was really bad - basically just a shed behind light square (G7) that had the audacity to call itself "Queens Theatre", apparently. If I was the Queen, I'd be embarassed. Good bits: the De Las rocked as I thought they would (although Mase was MIA - it was Trugoy, Posdnuos and a DJ). Er, other good bits...not sure. I guess The Rocking was the only good bit :) Given the negatives, they did indeed rock very hard to make this gig a good one overall.

New Music: I bought The Best Of De La Soul and Homework, Discovery and Daft Club by Daft Punk. De La Soul's Best Of is pretty damn good - they have so many cool tracks, it's great to have them all on one album. I'm really getting into Daft Punk - I totally loved Around The World and Da Funk when they were played on the radio (and the clip for Around The World was just magic), so it's great to have the first couple of albums. They're pretty damn cool.

Big Star Records rocks.


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